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Once we accept our limits,

we go beyond them.



London, 3 Dec 2018
Dr. Tao You delivered a 3-hour pre-conference workshop "Using translational modelling to evaluate preclinical tumour models" at the Tumour Models Conference in London. The workshop provided useful perspectives on the compelling evidence needed for selecting the optimal combination cancer treatment, and shared insights into the growth of patient-derived xenograft models from The Open Project ( According to workshop attendees, it was an excellent opportunity to learn from other professionals about drug discovery and development strategies. Web cache (  PDF (Part 1), PDF (Part 2)
Ingelheim, 30 Aug 2018
Beyond signed a 2-year service agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim to provide statistical analysis and mathematical modelling of preclinical and clinical results to support Boehringer's oncology drug discovery and development programmes. Dr. You said, "We are absolutely thrilled to enter this collaboration, which provides the unique opportunity for Beyond to provide preclinical and clinical experimental design for Boehringer's exciting oncology pipeline. This marks a major milestone for Beyond. We are grateful for the recognition of the calibre of our scientist and we are committed to serving our clients to the best of our abilities."
Lisbon, 16 Nov 2017
Dr. Tao You delivered a 3-hour dinner workshop "Evaluating Immuno-Oncology Treatment With PK/PD Modelling" at the World Preclinical Congress Europe in Lisbon. The workshop provided a historical perspective for translational modelling that has been developed for chemotherapies and cancer cell-directed targeted therapies, introduced the basics of model-based analysis of antibody PK and target engagement relevant to immunotherapy. According to workshop attendees, they gained new insights into drug discovery and development strategy, translational experimental design, and first-in-men dose selection for biologics (cancer immunotherapy). Web cache ( Slides here
London, 6 Dec 2016
Dr. Tao You co-hosted a 3-hour workshop "Fundamental Guide to Leveraging In Silico Models to Improve Predictability and Understand Applications in Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Discoveries" with Vincent Dubois (MedImmune) at the 5th Tumour Models London Summit at Hilton London Olympia. This workshop introduced the basic concepts in PK/PD modelling relevant to immuno-oncology treatments. Slides here
Aberdeen, 30 Apr 2016
High dimensionality and structural uncertainty poses significant challenges in accurate interpretation of early drug discovery data that are generated to characterise molecular and cellular level processes. The lack of understanding of how target engagement takes place and how that modulates disease to produce desirable treatment outcome may lead to sub-optimal experimental design, wrong interpretation of data, and delay in drug discovery and development. This is especially common for novel intervention targets. Currently, unknown parameter values for a known model structure given experimental data are readily evaluated by many existing software packages. In contrast, structural uncertainty has not been sufficiently addressed by available tools. Consequently, the structure of many Systems Pharmacology models is based on preconceived ideas (hunch rather than data), and the ensuing analysis suffers from model structure bias. Most of the time, this is not recognised, let alone appropriately analysed. To enable scientists to better analyse their data, we have developed an Artificial Intelligence-based computational tool that identifies ODE model structures in a global, unbiased fashion. After 15 months of development and validation, Dr. Tao You is excited to announce the creation of an AI-based Self-adaptive Robot Systems Biologist (AIRSYB: in collaboration with Dr. Wei Pang at the University of Aberdeen.
Alderley Park, 14 Sep 2015
Dr. Tao You chaired the Practical Multiscale Modeling for Drug Discovery and Development discussion at the 1st UK Meeting & Problem Workshop on Quantitative Systems Pharmacology. This will lead to a perspective paper by committee memebers. For more details of the conference, click here.
Edinburgh, 2 Sep 2015
Together with academic partners from Aberdeen, Dundee and Stirling, Beyond is awarded a prestigeous Scottish Crucible Project Award to advance understanding of cancer cell cycle regulation for evaluating novel drug targets.
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