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Develop, validate and improve quantitative methods and tools for accurate experimental design to enable tumour model translation in drug discovery and development.​

Presentation: Translational PK/PD Modelling. UCB Pharma, Slough (11/2018) PDF (Part 1), PDF (Part 2)

Data, R script:

What is TOP Doing Now?

  • Raise awareness of the importance of translational modelling

  • Cell line / patient derived xenograft model: Characterise, Evaluate, Clinical Translation

  • Syngeneic mouse model: Evaluate

Who Should Contribute to TOP?

To rapidly develop affordable novel cancer treatments, a lot of good decisions need to be made fast. And this can only happen by using all accessible data in meaningful ways. Everyone has a role to play in The Open Project to make it happen.

Do you like planning events?

  • Organise TOP online meeting to discuss project progress and direction

  • Organise workshops or meetups about TOP

  • Help community members find the right conferences and submit proposals for speaking

Do you like to write?

  • Write and improve the project’s documentation

  • Curate a folder of examples showing how the project is used

  • Start a newsletter for the project, or curate highlights from the mailing list

  • Write tutorials for the project

  • Write a translation for the project’s documentation

Do you like to design?

  • Design a logo for TOP to make it recognisable

  • Restructure layouts to improve the project’s usability

  • Put together a style guide to help the project have a consistent visual design

Do you like mathematical/statistical modelling?

  • Find an open issue to tackle

  • Help develop a new story

  • Source new open data

Do you like to code?

  • Make codes run smoothly and faster across different platforms

  • Improve tooling and testing

  • Maintain the code so that it does not become obsolete

Do you like helping others?

  • Review code on other people’s submissions

  • Write tutorials for how a project can be used

  • Offer to mentor another contributor


If your answer to any of these is "YES", get in touch now.

The Benefits of Joining TOP

Improve existing skills

  • Organise meetings and events

  • Exchange codes with leading scientists in the field

  • Better graphic design

  • Good writing for clear communication

Meet like-minded pioneers

  • Work with people you already know and feel comfortable working with

  • Meet new people who share firm believe in open data and open science

  • Warm, welcoming communities made of trusted, passionate people

  • Gain lifelong friendships through intellectual and organisational contributions

Find mentors and teach others

  • Explain how you do things

  • Ask others for help

  • Sense of fulfilment and achievement

Grow a reputation and a career

  • Free, pro bono examples to take anywhere as a demonstration of what you can do

Learn people skills

  • Practice leadership and management skills

  • Resolve conflicts among people of different characters and backgrounds

  • Organise teams of people

  • Prioritise work

Make changes, even small ones

  • You don’t have to become a lifelong contributor to enjoy participating in TOP

  • Have you ever seen a typo, and wished someone would fix it? Here, you can do just that