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 Our testimonials 

"Tao has developed into an excellent mathematical modeller. He has demonstrated on a number of occasions that he is able to develop and exploit mathematical models that can simulate the physiological response to perturbation of cellular pathways and to then integrate these models with pharmacokinetic data in order to better understand PK/PD relationships."

Tony managed Tao indirectly

Nov 6, 2014

VP of Structure, Biophysics and Computational Sciences, AstraZeneca

Tony Wilkinson

Principal Scientist, Oncology DMPK AstraZeneca

"In recent times Tao has expanded his work into quantitative systems pharmacology - the integration of mechanistic models of biology at a cellular level with drug effect and pharmacokinetics. This has resulted in real insight into the use of anti-cancer agents and has given him good experience with drug discovery data. Tao combines mathematical skills with a great biological understanding - this has made Tao a great colleague to work with." 

James worked with Tao in the same group

Apr 21, 2015

James Yates

Director Clinical Pharmacology Lead, Bayer

Gary Wilkinson

"Tao is a talented PK/PD modelling and simulation expert. I've had the pleasure of working with Tao on small molecule projects at AstraZeneca for the past year. I've been really impressed by the highly mechanistic and biologically relevant models Tao has manged to develop, and how well they have recapitulated and predicted real world data. Tao's models have facilitated a translational approach between the non-clinical and clinical arena, as well as providing an understanding of how clinical proof of mechanism might be achieved. I've found working with Tao really enjoyable, and knowing the quality and ingenuity of his work I believe Tao would be an asset to any organisation."

Gary worked with Tao in different groups

Nov 4, 2014

Heribert Arnhof

Head of CMC Lab, Discovery ADME,

Boehringer Ingelheim

"I had the chance to work very closely with Tao for more than 2 years now. Since I cover more the PK part, Tao was of great help for me advertising PKPD modelling to project teams. He definitely pushed PKPD modelling in early research in our organisation to the next level.

"I enjoyed how easy the communication was. He was always focusing on project impact and user needs. Tao was very helpful to reduce complex facts to digestible and simple messages.

"He developed some easy-to-use apps, which are used by project team members to explore different hypotheses and that was very helpful."

Heribert worked with Tao in the same group

May 18, 2018

VP of Discovery ADME, 

Boehringer Ingelheim 

Jens Quant
Jens Quant.jpg

"Really great to work with Tao. Beside his well-developed modelling skills he keeps looking at the goals from the eagle's perspective and delivers impactful concepts and results. He also spends time in getting common ground in a project team as a basis for planning experiments or modelling efforts for later decisions."

Jens managed Tao directly

Dec 21, 2017

Mark Davies

Founder, QT Informatics

"Tao possesses the ingredients of all good systems biologists, by combining two important aspects that are critical for successful collaborations. Firstly a keen desire to communicate and to help explain to those less familiar with the principles of systems biology and secondly (and critically), a robust technical know-how to execute the work."

Mark managed Tao directly

Aug 30, 2012

Team Lead Pharmacometrics, 

Boehringer Ingelheim 

Valerie Nock
Valerie Nock.jpg

"Tao is a modeller who combines excellent technical skills with strategic thinking which reaches way beyond the support of individual projects. I closely worked together with Tao on an initiative looking into translational modelling approaches in oncology and very much appreciated how he combined his experience in the field (understanding of biology and in vitro/in vivo studies), with modelling expertise and focused communication. 
"Tao understands how important it is to think beyond individual projects and break down silos between the preclinical and clinical world to create value within a therapeutic area, which then, in turn impact individual projects. Thinking about frameworks that make use of translating from in vitro to in vivo to clinics (and vice versa) was very close to his heart and being a good communicator it was great to discuss his ideas with him.
"I believe Tao is a valuable addition to any project and/or organisation and I wish him all the best!"

Valerie worked with Tao in different groups

Aug 27, 2018

Professor of Neurology

University of Cambridge

(Chair of UK-CTAP)

Patrick Chinnery
Patrick Chinnery.jpeg

"It has been a pleasure working with Tao. He was an integral member of the UK COVID-19 Therapeutics Advisory Panel Due Diligence Team. His modelling played a key role in decision making, allowing candidate drugs to be selected for the national clinical trials."

Patrick was senior to Tao but didn't manage Tao directly

Aug 5, 2021

Peter Ettmayer

Director New Therapeutic Discovery,

Boehringer Ingelheim

Peter Ettmayer.jpg

"I have the pleasure to work with Tao on several projects over the last years. Being a very experienced and smart guy Tao brought PK/PD modeling at Boehringer Ingelheim Vienna to the next level. His mathematical knowledge and programming skills in combination with his late stage drug discovery background resulted in PK/PD predictions with astonishing accuracy. For me personally, he pioneered the change in mindset from an in vivo efficacy driven to a PK/PD model driven optimization. I especially enjoy Tao standing his ground in heated project team discussion on predictability of models and the quality of data used for these models. Tao always makes sure that his modelling input is taken up by the project team and proactively works on improving his message if it does not hit home right away. He also helped to generate so called “shiny apps” to allow the project team members to run their own predictions. In the beginning I was skeptical if PK/PD model will have an impact in early preclinical drug discovery given the sometimes very scattered and noisy research data. However, Tao convinced me otherwise. Now I am a true believer in the power of these models especially for irreversible inhibitors!"

Peter worked with Tao in different groups

May 24, 2018

Awards & honours

09/2017        IMAGINE IF! Regional Finalist, Manchester

2016-18        Breakthroughs, Research Portfolio Committee, Boehringer Ingelheim

01/2015        Innovation & Achievement Award - Delivering Impact/Achievement, Oncology iMED, AstraZeneca

01/2015        Shortlisted (only 3) for iMED Science Award - Best Small Team of the Year, iMED, AstraZeneca

11/2012        Nominated for Team of the Year Award as the team leader, iMED, AstraZeneca

09/2011        3rd prize in Discovery Sciences Tradeshow, AstraZeneca

12/2010        Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme Competition Finalist, BBSRC, London

08/2010        Best Poster Award, IMC9 Conference, Edinburgh (20/1200)

06/2007        Youth Travel Fund for ICYSB 2007, Federal European Biochemical Society

09/2006        Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme, Scottish Funding Council (3/80)

10/2005        6th Century Studentship, University of Aberdeen

10/2004        Young Investigator Award, HUPO 3rd Annual World Congress, Beijing

07/2002        Singapore-MIT Alliance Scholarship

05/2002        17th place in the 1st Tsinghua University Triathlon Competition

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