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"Driving innovation: Mechanistic modelling in immuno-oncology"

Tumour Models London, 3 Dec 2019

11. Fundamental Guide to Leveraging In Silico Models to Improve Predictability and Understand Applications in Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Discoveries (3-hour pre-conference workshop), the 5th Tumour Models London Summit (Hanson Wade), Hilton London Olympia Hotel, London (12/2016) PDF


• Recognise the importance of translation

• Xenograft model: Characterisation, translation, evaluation

• Syngeneic model: Characterisation, translation

• Patient population: Characterisation, translation

Lecture 1. Challenges and considerations 

• Data reproducibility 

• What are the robust assays in immuno-oncology? 


Lecture 2. Modelling Examples 

• Combination therapy in cell-directed targeted therapy 

• An immuno-oncology modelling framework for combination therapy 

Case study: Predict and optimise in vivo efficacy of MEK inhibitor Selumetinib-Docetaxel combination treatment with cell cycle-based model

Case study: Modelling synergism between checkpoint inhibitors (aCTLA-4, aPD-1) and radiation therapy in preclinical tumour models

Group exercise: Delivering value - How to collaborate with a modeller? 

• Where does modelling add value? 

• A checklist to maximise value 

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