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PhD Fitness

the best you can be.


Nutritional balance & weight loss



PhD Fitness is a unique scientific lifestyle management system that aims to help users achieve nutritional balance and sustainable weight loss.


It does this by closing the assess-plan-track-review learning cycle to generate effective and durable health behaviour change. 


PhD Fitness provides a set of predictive modelling tools supported by scientific and clinical evidence from >500 scientific publications and counting, including energy balance modelling, food pattern modelling and predictive modelling of physical activity patterns using Fitbit data.

  • ASSESS lifestyle, physiological parameters and chronic disease risks

  • ASSESS risk factors (symptoms, drug and disease, demographics and diets) and potential underlying nutritional imbalances

  • PLAN lifestyle changes by choosing from >800 types of physical activities (including but not limited to sports or exercise) considering one’s own preferences, target weight and target time

  • PLAN & OPTIMISE food intake by choosing from ~3000 types of food, considering one’s dietary preferences, towards maximum compliance with US Dietary Reference Intakes guidelines for macro/micro-nutrients

  • TRACK progress by insightful visualisation of Fitbit data 

  • REVIEW Fitbit data by predictive modelling to identify activity pattern and room for improvement

  • PERSONALISE simulation based on predictive modelling of body weight and activity time series data


User data are managed securely. We take user privacy our first priority. We do not sell user data or plan to do that in the future.

In the past few years, we have a developed solid work plan regarding design and development of website and mobile app. We have performed comprehensive competitor analysis. Our questionnaire-based and face-to-face user studies involving nearly 200 customers have generated unique insights into the digital health market we are in and the unique advantages PhD Fitness brings. We have also developed specifications of the software design.

We are looking for an investor experienced in developing, marketing and launching digital health products to collaborate with to generate compelling evidence for the effectiveness in the real world, and to deliver commercial grade software products. I would like to hear from you if you are NHS or a private investor.

PhD Fitness (strapline: the best you can be) is a registered trade mark in the United Kingdom (Class: Software, Fitness club services.). It is solely owned and marketed by Beyond Consulting Ltd.

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